Auxiliary services for the automotive industry, with the best service and quality.

A long professional trajectory, for years working with important national and EU companies

almacen ivadrim

Logistics warehouse

We carry out rework, creating an extensive logistics warehouse.

transporte propio ivadrim

Own transport fleet

Quick delivery response. We always deliver on time.

Textile die-cutting

Specialised from the outset in the automotive industry. Our origins come from the textile industry

Textile laser cutting

We cut all types of material. PVCmeshes for airbagsglass fibres, etc.

Textile sewing

We sew all types of pieces. For reposabrazosarmrests, gear shift covers, etc.

Mounting and handling

A top-class professional team, dedicated to turning out quality end products.



A long history.

The Ivadrim Service team began its journey in 1976 within the textile sector, primarily focusing on textile fashion.

In 1998, we expanded our textile operations, specializing in the automotive sector with textile die-cutting, dedicating ourselves to cutting all types of textile materials: PVC, airbag meshes, fiberglass, etc.

In November 2012, we emerged as a new company to meet the growing needs in the automotive sector, expanding our services to include automotive part sewing.

We have ISO 9001 certification

We guarantee quality.

We are a constantly evolving company, adapting to the specialized needs of the markets, offering professional service, and guaranteeing the quality of the final product, perfect finishes with the most advanced designs.

Our extensive and proven experience in the automotive textile sector allows us to tackle new challenges very efficiently, offering great service with the utmost quality.

What our customers say about us

A leading company in its sector, with a highly professional team and extensive experience. Guaranteed service and quality with a very human approach.

Manuel Cunquero

Great professionals in the automotive sector, with unbeatable human quality. Highly recommendable, 100%.

María Barrio

Where to find us

Our strategic location in Zaragoza allows us to access the main production centers in the sector in Spain, Portugal, and any European environment, with the capacity for immediate response to changes and requirements from our clients

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